About Mindy

Mindy Zimmerman NCTMB , CMT is a highly skilled practitioner who has received the Nationally Certified Therapeutic Massage and Bodyworker license in addition to the certified massage therapist requirements. She combines her intuition and over 700 hrs of training to help people manage stress both mentally as well as physically.

Sometimes touch is all that is needed to change our breath and reduce the stress we hold in our bodies. What Mindy can do is connect with you in a way to be a gentle, kind witness, who allows you to reconnect with places in your body long forgotten or abandoned. She can help bring you back into your physical body and help relieve mental stress and tension held in the body.


With over 20 years as a bodyworker, creative movement student, and meditator, her work is especially effective for people with stress in their lives as well as acute and chronic pain. Her approach to the body is looking at the system as a whole. She is a good problem solver and works to determine what the original root of the physical discomfort is; then using different massage modalities, works through the whole system releasing the tissue and thought patterns that hold our muscle tissue in contraction.

Her work is effective for reducing stress as well as pain associated with migraines, headaches, neck and shoulder discomfort, TMJ and jaw pain, back pain, sciatic problems, knee and rotator cuff injuries, arthritis, and foot pain. After experiencing the birth of a friend's twins in 2001, Mindy participated as a birth doula. During this time she developed her pregnancy and postpartum massage styles. Musicians also benefit greatly from her work due to the intuitive fluid, dance like movement that is uniquely her style. Mindy's experience in the hospital setting as well as her comforting, healing touch bring a new perspective for people challenged with cancer and other life threatening diseases. Her work with Geriatrics brings comfort and improved circulation as well as emotional feelings of well being. Her work consistently is described as having a very healing touch.

Massage modalities most often used in her work are Myofacial Release, Deep Tissue, CranioSacral, Specialized Jaw Massage, Esalen style, Pregnancy Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Structural Rebalancing, Medical Massage and Reiki.


Mindy attended Alive & Well, a school of conscious bodywork in San Anselmo, CA as well as The Whole You in Rutherfordton, NC. She has trained with the Upledger Institute for CranioSacral studies and the Chikly Health Institute for Lymphatic Drainage. She also attended City College of San Francisco for additional training in Anatomy and Physiology. Mindy is also trained in Gestalt Awareness Practice as taught by long standing Esalen teacher, Chris Price and has also been trained by the Gestalt Institute of San Francisco and uses this work in her massage practice as well as Continuum Movement (continuummovement.com) as trained by Susan Harper.

More recently, Mindy completed a course in Medical QiGong with Master Ming Tong Gu in China and uses this training in her work to expand the mind/body connection.

Mindy has been a resident of Marin County for 25 years and has been a practicing therapeutic massage and bodyworker during this time.

Mindy Zimmerman

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Alzheimer's Association

In 2014, in addition to my work in my office and the work at the hospital, I took on a volunteer project for the Alzheimer's Association.

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